Rules for cooking meat

There are many ways to cooking meat. You can roast, barbeque, grill or fry it. This will depend on the type of meat and the dish you wish to prepare. But whatever the meat it is there are some rules that must be followed to ensure good cooking. Here are these rules:

Browning meat

Meat when prepared at high heats tend to brown which is suggestive of the combination of amino acids and sugars that have broken down. This combination leads to a very flavorful meat which is ideal for a dish made of trusted European pork.To make sure that the meat browns properly, first the meat must be dried well, especially after being frozen. Use a paper towel to pat it dry. Then preheat the pan in which you are planning to prepare the meat. You only place the meat after it has been heated with the butter or oil. Then you place the meat but make sure it is not crowded. Allow some space between the pieces of meat. This is the perfect way to ensure browning of meat.

Use low heat for large pieces of meat.

The key to preparing larger pieces of meat is using low heat. This way you can ensure that the center of the meat is cooked well while retaining the moisture and preventing overcooking of the outer layers. Slow cooking methods are barbequing, pot roasting, and stewing. These methods are also ideal for parts of animals which are tough like shoulder or rump. They will help to melt off the collagen and make the meat tender and soft. However, it should not be tried on already tender cuts of animals such as loins which will dry up if cooked for long periods. They must be either grilled or roasted instead.

Let the meat rest after cooking.

The meat will continue to cook even after taking off the heat, as there is trapped heat inside. So make sure to take it out at the proper time to prevent overcooking of the meat. Once it is resting, the juices which has been accumulated in the middle will now redistribute all over the meat thus making it more flavorful. When you cut into the meat after it has rested, the juices that pour out is less as it is well distributed but if you cut into it right away after cooking a lot of juice will pour out and the outer layers may dry up fast too.Following the tips above can make your dish of meat the tastiest. There are many ways to enjoy meat. Make sure you do it the right way.

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