Japan’s most favorite meat – A brief glimpse of its history

Most of the popular dishes in Japan are created by using the meant of the pig. It is being consumed almost as equal to the combination of beef and chicken. Pork is being used in areas such as Kanto, Okinawa and Kyushu. Many individuals born in the 1940s do not remember eating any other meat than of the pigs.


One of the most famous dishes made using this meat is tonkatsu which is meat that has been breaded and fried in the shape of a cutlet or in some instances a fillet. The Japanese word for pig is ton and this is part on tonkatsu’s name origin. Vegetable oil is being used to make the food tastier and also economical and efficient.


You can provide anyone with a guarantee that you will find the safest pork in Japan which is brought down from Europe where the pigs are reared carefully. However, the pork industry has gone through many changes throughout the years to be where it is currently.


Nara Period

During the Nara period, Emperor Temmu considered that hunting met of wild animals is acceptable than killing domestic animals such as the pig which gradually faded into the shadows.


Kamakura Period

During the time of the Kamakura, the warriors who killed many men did not want to shed the blood of animals which led to the implementation of a ban. However, the pigs and fowls were considered to be offensive whereas fish were acceptable because they did not have feet.


Sengoku Period

The Sengoku Period was the phase where the warriors and leaders realized that the consumption of pig mean is a great contributor to the sustenance of oneself. They believed that consuming the meat of the pig gave them the superhuman stamina and power.


Edo Period

The meat was believed to make one strong and give stamina during the Edo period. Pork was also used for medicine and was highly bought by the citizens during the day.


Meiji Period

The central government was continuously encouraging the people to eat its meat during the Meiji Period. The leaders believed that in order t become strong and grow tall like the Americans and Europeans, the Japanese people should consume a diet solely on dairy products and meat.

Down the road, pork has become a major part of Okinawan and Kagoshima cuisine. Kagoshima is the leader in producing pork and has varieties such as the black pig. There are many international chefs that prefer to get the meat from Japan for their dishes. It is believed that eating meat in the country of Japan is a very patriotic duty.

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